Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Developments

Ok, I just posted all of the current Tape Reels For Eyes Released items in this zone. The newest of the New...a cassette split (TRCS001) between myself and mr. crank sturgeon. Exciteable stuff indeed. And more sound stuff is certainly coming down the pike, I'm sure of that...
Dana just took off for a week giving white suns another little break and Kevin and I some alone time...rad. Speaking of which we got to play at Death By Audio with long time friend mincemeat or tenspeed.Davy is by far one of the most amazing solo performers of all time, and his schtick only gets better as it ferments. Deep polyrythmic trance inducing pedal fucking with techno undertones all under the curtain of some serious diy ethos. If you haven't checked it out i suggest doing so poste haste! now im off to search out a swimming hole near new york city.

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